Maps to Ecstasy with Alain Allard in Vejle, Denmark 2018

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Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® workshop

Maps to Ecstasy - in Vejle 2018
With Alain Allard

This weekend intensive in the 5Rhythms is an opportunity for passionate, curious and new dancers to dive into the delight and freedom of being supported, guided, and encouraged to release the abundant, creative dancer that lives in their bodies.

Each and every one of us has a natural and vibrant response to beat and melody. On a daily basis we unconsciously him and tap our feet to what we hear. We get uplifted by music that spontaneously stirs our hearts and lifts our spirits.
Our body and heart, skin and bone. Many of us don´t actually dance because we think we can’t do it properly or well enough and so the inner dance remains repressed lost trapped and unseen. Such a waste of a huge part of our intelligence and our creativity!

The maps of the 5Rhythms provide a clear and dynamic structure to guide each person, regardless of age or experience, to remember and release the spontaneous and ecstatic dancer inside.

To dance is to reclaim the power of breath, clarity, health, freedom, and simple basic connection to Life itself and to each other.

Come dance with us. You really are welcome!

Recommended reading: Roth. Maps to Ecstasy and Sweat Your Prayers.

Teacher: Alain Allard (UK)

Alain has been dancing the 5Rhythms® for over 27 years, and for the last 21 has been regularly teaching them in different countries, continents and contexts. He is a fully licensed and registered UKCP therapist and a gifted humorous teacher accredited by Gabrielle Roth to teach the Waves, Heartbeat and Mirrors level maps of her work. He is a Faculty Trainer for the 5Rhythms Teacher Training programme.
More information about Alain on his website:

Dates & Times:

Maps to Ecstasy
20th - 22nd April 2018

20th April 6.30 - 8.30 pm
21th April: 11.00 -  6pm
22th April 11 - 17pm

Teacher: Alain Allard (UK)

The workshop count as 15 hours of Waves for the Gabrielle Roth Teacher’s Training

Bygningen, Ved Anlæget 14, 7100 Vejle, Denmark ‎
+45 75 83 86 77 ‎ ·

Find it on Google maps here...

Free parking in the street "SKOLEGADE" Se map here: Free Parking in Vejle

Information about Vejle

Price / Payment:

1800 Dkr if payed before March 30th
2100 thereafter

We offer a 15 % discount for 5RTA members (Trained 5R-teachers)

Beginners are recommended to have at least 9 hours of instructed 5Rhythms® practice and be willing to engage in this work with a lot of focus and a touch of humour.

Contact / Booking:
Please send an e-mail with your name, address, phonenumberto Jan Redsted and I will send you all the information you need!

Tel +45 29 62 29 76

If you would be willing helps us and know a good place for Flyers. We could send you some.


Vejle city


RENT Bicycle:



BillundAirport (35 min with bus to Vejle)

Buses (Billund  - Vejle | Vejle - Billund)
1. Bus 912X Click here
2. Bus Sydtrafik Click here

Both busses goes to TrafikCenter (10 min walk from venue: See rute here.... )

Copenhagen Airport 
About 3 hours in train

Order Trainticket from Copenhagen here:

From: Copenhagen Airport
To: Vejle St.

Overnight Accommodation:

BB Hotel very close: This is a cheap solution if you share room with 1 or more people. Last year many were satisfied with this place and its only 5 min. walk from venue (350 M)

Also relatively cheap & 10 min walk from venue:

See the walk here...

We heard of these 2 BB in Vejle center

30 min walk from venue see:

2.This is a little closer:
15 min walk see :


Hotels few meters from venue

1. (300 M)

2. BestWestern (700 M)

Hostel (6 KM from venue)

Appartments in Vejle
Click here...

Private BB in & close to Vejle

Rent a Summerhouse (Car needed)
5 to 20 KM from venue
See more here...

Local Dancers who are offering rooms
We created a facebook group for this kind of communication: "5Rhythms workshops in Denmark" Join the group here!

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