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 5Rytmer hver onsdag
Mette & Lulu,
Kl.19.00 - 21.00.
 NOR. Hejrevej 30. 3 sal.
 2400 Kbh. NV


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 De 5Rytmer Med
 Birgitte Rasmussen

 Hver 2. fredag
 kl. 19-21.30
 Kapelvej 46C, 2200 Kbh N
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 5Rhythms - with Brian Kjøller
Hver 2. fredag (ulige uger)
 Kl. 19.00-21.30
 Blågårdsplads 5, 3.2200, Kbh. N.


 Hver tirsdag Kl.18.30 - 21.00
 N. Kochs Skole
 (Indgang G øverste sal)
 Skt. Johannes Allé 4, Aarhus C
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 Wave med Günther Schrader
 hver 2. tors.
 kl. 19.30-21.30
 Mere om Aalborg
 Hver fredag. kl. 18.30 - 21.00.
 Horsensvej 72D 1, 7100 Vejle
 Med Annette &/eller Jan
 Mere om Vejle
 Hver 2. torsdag, kl. 19
 Mere om Silkeborg...
 Drop-in wave hver 2. ons.
 (ulige uger) kl. 19.30-21.30
 Mere om Kolding


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Workshops i Hvidbjerg
  • Lørd. d. 13. april kl. 11 - 18 Lyrisk
  • Lørd. d. 11. maj kl. 11 - 18 Stilhed

Alle workshops, lørdage,
Dansesalen i Hvidbjerg, Fædrift 23, 7080 Børkop

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Vejle 24. - 26. May 2019
Live Wire
An investigation of soul through the body
5Rhythms® Ritual Theatre & Movement

Led by: Lorca Simons Assisted by Annette Uhlemann

We will write, wonder and weather our way through light and shadow, footfalls and silences, creating the Ritual Theatre of your/our stories detailed soulfulness.

Sculpting spirit into shape, writing soul into story, dancing mind into the wind and tracing the heart home.

Live Wire Theatre Labs awaken and sharpen those places in ourselves that need realigning, recharging or perhaps rewiring back to what’s most original and true, unlocking the stories our bodies are longing to tell--the poetic landscape that is at the root and heart of the 5Rhythms practice.

Each gesture being an extension from our body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.

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Vejle 12. - 16. July 2019
Slow Dancing With Chaos
with Jonathan Horan

Friday 12th (Open evening)
6.30pm to 9.30 pm*

Fueled by the ecstatic language of the 5Rhythms®, this is movement as spiritual practice, a dancing, kinetic prayer of connection to the unpredictable mystery of it all. The way to this center is a deep medicine journey, a journey of blood, bones and sweat.

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Ane Friis
+45 28 15 57 54


Annette Uhlemann
Århus & Vejle
+45 31 23 93 13

Birgitte Rasmussen
København, Ringsted & Silkeborg
+45 26 27 14 71

Brian Kjøller
+45 40359717

Günther Schrader
+45 20 47 13 19


Jan Redsted
Århus & Vejle
+45 29 62 29 76
Jan Redsted

Laila Wodtke Nissen
+45 22 25 42 43


Lourdes Vazquez

Mette Feilberg
+45 21 33 13 41
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